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3 simple frameworks to take back your schedule and boost your performance

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With time management being vital to 86% of small businesses’ success, you’ve gotta make the best use of yours to join the ranks. If you’re not protecting your time like it’s well-earned money, here I am to help you start banking.

Taking your schedule back is a game of what you avoid and what you permit. Discipline is your greatest defense in this age of distraction. Learn the ropes containing the exact strategies I’ve been using to 5x my performance - even with the same 24 hrs in my day as you.

When you combine these 3 frameworks with intention, you’ll optimize your time and your business.

You'll learn how to...

Budget your time like it's your money.

Focus intently on just one thing at a time.

Base each workday around a theme.

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61% of small businesses feel time-stressed and overwhelmed. Distractions are killing entrepreneurs. You can avoid the same fate. Start applying these 3 frameworks today to finally take back your schedule and boost your performance.

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This course is for you if...

  • You're stretched thin and pressed for time
  • You’re more reactive than proactive in your business
  • You’ve got SOS (shiny object syndrome) and keep changing gears
    You feel you need to multitask to get things done on time
  • You’re doing a lot, but the needle isn’t moving
  • You start with the right intent, then the day gets ahead of you

“Short, sweet, and to the point! I love the arrangement of ideas into threes - very easy to follow. A high-value course with actionable steps to get started.”

- Amy Stackhouse | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

This course is especially for…

Young students & professionals

Aspiring entrepreneurs & side hustlers

Solopreneurs & small businesses

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Answers to your questions.

Can I take this course at my own pace or do I have to complete it within a certain amount of time?

This is a self-paced course and with your purchase of it, your access will not expire, so you can always return to it as much as you like.

How long will it take me to complete this course?

There is roughly 1 hour's worth of video content to watch. Each lesson ranges from 2-10 mins which allows you to learn in digestible chunks. As for how long it will take to finish the complimentary materials, that depends entirely on you.

Once I enroll, how do I access the course’s content?

After you purchase the course, you’ll be taken to a login page allowing you to create a free student account with my school or you can log in with your existing credentials if you’re already a student. You’ll also receive an email reminding you to sign up or login so that you can access the materials within.

For how long will I be able to access this course?

Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to this course and can rewatch the content as many times as you like. You can even update your login details if you to and you won’t lose access.

What if I realize this course just isn’t for me? Can I get my money back?

Yes, if you request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course for any reason, we’ll refund the full amount you paid to the card you used.

What if I have a question about a lesson?

Leave a comment on the lesson in question, right there on the lesson page and I’ll happily get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Optimize your time.

16% of small business owners suffer from technological distractions. You’re better than this. Start applying these 3 frameworks today to finally take back your schedule and boost your performance.

Enroll for $49.99