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Hey there, I’m Darnell. 

I'll help you build a bulletproof brand.

Messin' with me, you'll go from “I got this great idea, but...” to “I’ve created a business I love!” in weeks. Whether you're starting a side hustle or switching careers, we're gonna take a wormhole to get to your destination. This is the place to be for honest, proven, actionable insights & strategies from my life in branding + entrepreneurship over the last 10+ years.

I'm In, Let's Build My Brand
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Things I offer.

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Reviewing and assessing key areas of your current brand then suggesting proven, evergreen ways to refine it for the long term.

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Improving the rapport between your business and your (ideal) customer so that they’re compelled to buy from you and remain loyal to your brand.

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Leaning fully into what’s special about you, positioning your quirks as strengths, and teaching you how to capitalize on them.

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Adopting the bulletproof systems of the world’s highest achievers to help you become an accomplished, balanced badass.

Ok, How Do We Get Started?
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I'm Darnell.

Yes, I'm black in America! Yes, I grew up underprivileged! But also, yes, I can boogie to any beat, yes, I age slower than a vampire, and yes, I like fried fish. Now that we've addressed those elephants in the room, let's talk the theme of my life: hustle. Growing up on some mean streets meant I could've easily been killed or locked up, but I made it out by applying myself. By turning my social and economic disadvantages into assets. Yet, I still fail. Every day. Probably got more losses than wins! But when I started helping people find themselves, I finally found myself. Today, as a Certified Brand & Entrepreneurship Coach, I teach creatives, trouble-makers, athletes, consultants, small businesses and more how to share stories that people care about. Wanna know more about me?

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Their words, not mine...

“Darnell’s intellect, professionalism, and personability were just of the few of his qualities that set him apart... He speaks to you like a long-time friend while offering valuable information in manageable quantities.”  

- Auburn Lucas, Founder of Allyce Virgin Hair Collection

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"I have truly never met anyone with the integrity and professionalism of Darnell Brown. Not only was he able to capture the scope and heartbeat of my business, his work is impeccable and well done..”  

- Candace Dahlgren, Founder of The Party Stork

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"Darnell's coaching has helped me on many levels. I went from working at a call center at the beginning of the coaching to owning a business at the end of it. I highly recommend this life-changing mentorship!"  

 - Brandon Robinson, Full Stack Software Engineer 

Brandon Robinson

Earning Stripes

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We're gonna make your brand sexier.

Through brand consulting, I’ll help your customers fall in love with you using honest, authentic storytelling. By deeply listening to your audience, you'll start to meet them where they are, so you can take them where they want to go. When your intentions match their expectations, that’s the g-spot, and that’s when you increase sales and earn loyalty.

The great thing about this approach is that it works across any industry - whether you’re a startup or an O.G. company. No matter what business you’re in, branding starts with trust. We all crave being heard and seen. We all want to be loved. And we all vote with our wallets. By becoming a more human company that adores its customers more than it loves what it sells, buddy, your brand's gonna skyrocket. 

Darnell's Story
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Your new favorite motivational podcast.

“Non-Negotiable in my Podcast Line-Up. Add this Podcast to your rotation! Darnell has a great voice for motivation and leadership, both literally and figuratively. He’s smart, relatable, insightful, and approachable. If you like motivation, leadership, and personal development Podcasts, this will quickly become a must for you, too. The perfect balance of thought-provoking and easy-listening from a fresh voice you need to hear.”

 — Allie Bittner, Founder of Kiss Creative