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Brand Strategizing

Understanding why your business matters and designing a compelling story that will make your customers fall in love with you.

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Personal Branding

Leaning fully into what’s special about you, positioning your quirks as strengths, and learning how to capitalize on them. 

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Professional Branding

Harvesting the power within your niche business to bring you and your desired customers closer to one another.

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Storytelling & Consulting

Improving the rapport between your business and your (ideal) customer so that they’re encouraged to buy from you and remain loyal to your brand.

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Mindset Coaching

Rewiring what you believe about yourself and your abilities so that we can unlock the hidden gems you didn’t even you know had.

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Lifestyle Coaching

Adopting the tried-and-true bulletproof systems and tactics of the world’s highest achievers to help you become an accomplished, balanced badass. 

Work with Darnell
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“His passion for listening to my ideals is something I felt natural coming from him, alone with him giving you his views on certain areas he was familiar with. He has left an open door for advice as well as seeing your progress. Overall to be connected and trust a business I’m trying to grow with Darnell is a blessing.” 

- Eric Harvey | Founder of Reliable Mailboxes