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a 34-year young, self-taught online marketer who’s married with a daughter in pre-school. She loves working from home, but her true passion is candid photography. As her own boss, Angie has to handle branding, billing, taxes, scheduling, and meetings - all of which have started to burn her out. Though her demanding clients afford her the perks of disposable income, her business isn’t growing. She isn't fulfilled. Angie wears way too many hats, works too many hours a week and spends too little time with her family.

Her dreams of traveling the country to shoot landscapes and artistry start to fizzle. Angie's aware she’s not living her best life but lacks clarity on how exactly to make the transition from one career to another. The blunt truth is that she’s too comfy in her current lifestyle to take the leap and excuses herself from going after her heart’s wishes because she’s a young mom. Like so many work-from-home parents, she’s cozied up in the warm blanket of complacency. 

The comfort Angie feels from serving a roster of well-paying clients keeps her from being the best mom, wife, and creative she can be. She knows better and wants better, but she needs help; she needs coaching.

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“Darnell did an outstanding job for us with brand re-fresh, and I am looking forward to working with him again. His timelines are always adhered to, and he is an excellent communicator.” 

- Patrick Welch | Founder of VetBloom

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