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One & Done Consulting

Kick-Off Sesh

  • Free 15-min consultation to discuss your goals and issue(s)
  • I’ll suggest a path or two forward
  • Determine if we’re a good fit for one another
  • If I can’t help you, I’ll point you in the right direction
  • This is great if you don’t know exactly what you need 
Book a session

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Power-Hour Sesh

  • 1-hour growth consultation
  • Assess your brand today
  • Outline your business' strengths
  • Recommend high-level next steps
  • Advice on the best course of action to reach goals
  • This is great for early & seasoned entrepreneurs 
  • Summer sale (reg. $169)
Book session $99

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Double-Up Sesh

  • 2-hour growth consultation
  • Analyze 1-2 specific pain points in your business
  • Brainstorm proven ways to fix issues
  • Strategize the next steps to reach goals
  • This is great for leaders & experts ready to take action 

Four-ward Sesh

  • 4-hour transformational brand intensive
  • We’ll address and solve a very specific pain point you’re having
  • Includes a concentrated, aggressive Action Plan to be executed
  • This is great for seasoned entrepreneurs, marketing execs, and agile businesses ready to take action 

Branding Packs

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Intensive Branding Pack

  • Power Session: 8-hour virtual live stream to address your specific goals + a gameplan on executing them
  • Brand Clarity: articulate your purpose in a way that makes sense to your target audience
  • Brand Strategy: outline the essential elements of your purpose, goals, vision, industry problems, your solution, superpower, brand personality, and more
  • Action Plan: an in-depth, positioning strategy that structures actions for the following 4 - 8 weeks
  • This is ideal for people who need help refining their ideas and designing a strategy to get the results they seek

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Express Branding Pack

  • Consumer Clarity: articulate + refine ideal avatar profile
  • Brand Story: a short, honest narrative that clarifies your brand; can be used as the foundation for new marketing materials (cover letter, press release, website, etc)
  • Brand Strategy Guidelines: a multi-page presentation that will include assets such as your purpose, goals, vision, industry problems, your solution, superpowers, brand personality, and more
  • Action Plan: in-depth, 3-month marketing strategy broken down into milestones, resources, and insights
  • Design Consulting: advice on ensuring the visual elements of your brand are in sync
  • Follow-Up Conference Call + Progress Reports
  • This is ideal for busy-bodies who need to know exactly what to do and are aggressively ready to implement recommendations 

On-Going Coaching

short term coaching

Basic Coaching

  • Help you get clearer on what makes your brand special and how to attract organic traffic to it
  • Assess & make recommendations on your social media strategy, email marketing strategy, and inbound marketing strategy
  • Bi-weekly actionable email triggers
  • Two (2) 30-min coaching calls per month
  • Best for side hustlers and dreamers who are new to coaching and are ready to get their feet wet

long term coaching

Advanced Coaching

  • I’ll work with you over a 90-day period to help you get closer to your audience and earn brand loyalty
  • You’ll receive an intense 3-month Action Plan for what to do during this timetable
  • I’ll jumpstart/revise your social media strategy, email marketing strategy, and inbound marketing strategy
  • Twelve (12) weekly actionable emails to keep you on track
  • Twelve (12) weekly 30-min coaching calls
  • Best for professionals who have aggressive goals, and who prefer to be held accountable for implementing my insights and recommendations
  • 3-month commitment required 

Speaking Engagements

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Workshop Facilitation

  • I’ll conduct a powerful workshop for your staff on your business grounds or meeting place (conference room, auditorium, etc)
  • The event will cover a specific topic or series of hurdles that you deem most relevant
  • 1-hour workshop + 15-min Q & A
  • Includes slideshow presentation, worksheets, and travel time 

“Darnell’s work is incredible! We created a signage and FB campaign for a cul-de-sac full of lots. I’ve already gotten my first call from a buyer! He is well worth the money. Thanks, Darnell!” 

- Kari McCune | Broker/Realtor at G&A Real Estate, Inc.

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