The Smart Brand Playbook

Before you worry about your logo, website, or storefront, first you've gotta find the problem you’re best suited to solve. And then you work your idea or business around solving that problem for those who have it. You'll save crazy time & money this way. This playbook and included worksheets will help you focus on what matters and avoid what doesn't. Learn more

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The Bulletproof Hustler

This book addresses the common setbacks we each face every day with sincere observations and candor. Over ten chapters, we uncover the simple, yet potent key virtues anyone can master to grow their hustle from shaky to invincible. 

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Ten Five One

A funny thing happened when I stopped making excuses and finally wrote my first book in January 2017. This short read catalogs the five lessons I learned during my 10-day writing journey so that you too can write, publish, and release that book you just can’t seem to finish. 

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25 Mantras

This is a short ebook that’s full of powerful, bite-sized quotes to keep you pumped and motivated. It is an ode to the creatives, artists, small businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers of the world. If you believe in investing in yourself and leaving a legacy behind, you should have this in your life, so do yourself a solid and grab a copy. 

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"It's so special to find books that speak directly to you in every way. The Bulletproof Hustler is such an easy/quick read but stays with you for a lifetime. Modern-day motivational speaking with combo/vibe of Gary V., Tony R. and Wayne D. of our time. Well-written and would recommend to anyone who is looking for that push to succeed."

- Amanda Berger | Co-Founder of GloBody, Inc.