The Smart Brand Playbook: Ultimate Edition


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Word to the wise: before you worry about designing your logo or website, you've first gotta find the problem you’re best suited to solve. And then you work your idea or business around solving that problem for those who have it. You'll save yourself crazy time, money, and headaches this way. This ultimate edition playbook will help you focus on what matters and avoid what doesn't using realistic examples and methods not found in the original version. Plus, I've included additional worksheets to better assist you in applying what you're learning for your own brand.

You'll learn how to...

  • Pick an idea worth fully investing in
  • Quickly launch something people actually need
  • Find the problem you're perfectly suited to solve
  • Speak to your audience and earn their trust
  • Make and keep your business completely legit and more
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"I had the pleasure of doing a 4-hr brand intensive session with Darnell and WOW!!! This guy exceeds expectations by 1000%!!! I was very impressed by his ability to navigate obstacles, establish cohesive solutions, and most importantly, help me find clarity by the end of our meeting. I would highly recommend Darnell's services to any business leaders going through a period of transition or just looking for clarity through a problem. This is your guy!"

- Antwon Brinson | Founder of Culinary Concepts AB

antwon brinson

What's included

  • 40-page PDF containing the 10 most crucial steps to take to swiftly and successfully launch your brand
  • Realistic examples of how to apply this strategy to a faux-business
  • Clickable, inexpensive resources that I've personally battle-tested for user-friendliness and effectiveness
  • Define Your Consumer Worksheet to help you identify your ideal audience and customers
  • Clarify Your Offer Worksheet to sum up what you offer in the form of an elevator pitch or headline
  • Make It Official Worksheet to remind you of the basics you need to be taken seriously in your industry
  • Design Your Funnel Worksheet to give you the setup for the journey your customers will go through in using your product or service