The Smart Brand Masterclass: Lite

If you're trying to create or revamp a business during this crazy time, but are struggling with the "how", you don't suck, you just need some actionable guidance. The Smart Brand Masterclass breaks down a battle-tested 10-step framework anyone can implement to launch something people care about. In it, we quickly cover what’s worth your time and avoid what isn’t, so we can kick-off your brand the smart way. Give me one hour and I'll save you at least one year. Enroll today and watch for free for a limited time.

You'll learn how to...

  • Launch a business in a quick, yet sustainable way
  • Choose an idea worth building a brand around
  • Get specific about who you're selling to
  • Clearly explain what you offer in a compelling way
  • Legitimize your business & stay compliant
  • Use inexpensive tools to market your brand

“Darnell's coaching has helped me on so many levels. He took my drive, hunger for a better life and taught me how to make it happen. I went from working at a call center at the beginning of the coaching to owning a business at the end of it.” 


Brandon Robinson

You'll love this class if...

  • You've tried tactics from other experts/courses, but weren't able to replicate their results in your business
  • You're overwhelmed with all the information out there and are lost on what to do for your unique situation
  • You have more time than money, but need to make things happen quickly
  • You mean well, but you're stuck and can't find the time
  • You suffer from so many great ideas that you can't pick one to run with
  • You need actionable tips that you can apply immediately
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